Like the Green Manalishi

Your eyes drag me
to the depths of an unnamed fear.
In the darkest hour of the coldest night
silently, as they draw near.

The agony of being cornered
has muted my trembling throat,
as you advance on me,
stripped down to stark naked soul.

Shutting my eyelids is
all the escape I could muster,
as my heart skips
its final beat.
And I feel your
eight pronged fingers
crawling up my flesh,
caressing me with cold deceit.

And all I can hear is your whisper
muffled into an afflicting moan,
summoning me to the desolate north
to make love at the love’s tombstone.


Privy to the miles

Sing your heart
and mine will play along
and this night shall freeze
between our eyes.

Let go the undone
and fill this moment
with our
rendezvous reprise

The melody of souls
would surf the breeze
under the moonbeams
from heaven

As, in the guise of
moonlit smiles shall flip
two worlds and
a piece of mind

Crossing many miles
with the speed of light
those eyes see
right through a soul

and dare not brim them
and please forgive them
for they are as yours
as mine.

Maiden Flight in a Lazy Afternoon

Paper clouds in the autumn sky
hang still in self denial.
Colour pencil dragon
on my little desk by the window
gazes out  for some paper shower,
as the haughty wind rides into town,
lifting skirts, tangling hair.
And brings with him
merry vacationers to my lawn;
withered leaves, twigs and paper flowers.
Driven by a tranquil trust, I sit,
cutting and folding into shapely plume;
scribbled, hashed papers,
lined with blanks
for my maiden flight in this rusty afternoon.

In Captivity

Rooftop dreams have shiny edges
they dance with the wind and fly.
Fugitive dreams, they love their life
as I think I love mine.
Though I am forever
like the wise feathers, left on streets,
parked cars and grassy fields;
Like the naive pebble
never thrown too high
and the raindrops rushing down,
in captivity of gravity.


Wouldn’t mind the cats
having the leftover lies.
The chilled pint is what
my mind is really pinned to.
Little golden bubbles naked
rising up and huddling to the froth.
They share the revelation of absolute anarchy.
For they have discovered the
The mystic science
of getting away with jeering at
the captivity of gravity.

Anticipation through Memories

To move the many miles that cling

to the sojourn through that windy time,

paved in mariegold, a halo burned street,

a limping heart still walks by.

Smoke escaped into the winter sun

as the coffee cooled under vanished curls.

Two voices basked in a mellowed chime

in the labyrinth of a weathered year.

What remains of that wooden chair?

What paint is the seat now in?

Who knows what that night had brought.

Who knows what this night is taking.

A defunct streetlight comes to life

to show a way still there is.

A way down south, it’s sunny no doubt

a way away to unkempt bliss.

Plainness and vice

Plain white mediocrity,

jammed roads and shedding electricity

that my Father let my people testify.

Radiation and abnegation,

black fumes and drowning cities.

Comedy in sarcasm, action in crime,

Bespectacled eyes prying for clear blue skies

that my Father let my people testify.

Sunburned love and packbruised backs

quench your thirst from the star-striped racks.

Pyramid on shoulders, twisting knees and sinking heels,

Run fast lest you get under speeding wheels.

Heaps of flies in the box that runs,

sell yourself and blame those who sell guns.

Show your cards and wonder why,

that my Father let my people testify.

Go, see the Gyno

see the gyno

Now, you go see the Gyno

This is mostly a random blog featuring text and webcomics'. It has little to do with humor as we know it. It mostly attempts to ridicule the urban life and the associated complexities. From the government to free will of sane individuals, its gives a damn to all of them, sometimes in words and at other times through figures. It draws inspiration from sources varying from Southpark to a deranged young scientist, working in a clean room. I try to do justice, but often fail in a unique way, allowing some giggling moments to creep in. Better enjoy them and stay healthy.
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